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Well, I just got back from getting married/my honeymoon.    Can’t say I’m all that excited about it – I have been spoiled and pampered in Costa Rica for the past week at Gaia Resort. Pretty much the most beautiful place I’ve been to in my many travels.

It all started a couple weeks ago. My wife Alissa and I got married out at the Arboretum in Kansas. I took my best friend and groomsman on my motorcycle and burned rubber to get to the wedding on time. This is us on the way to my wedding. Our photographer just happened to be driving to the ceremony as well:

That day was the hottest of the year here in KC. Heat index was 111 degrees. Crazy. Anyway we powered through it and had a legendary ceremony. Everything went great! We even took some more photos on the bike:

Our reception was wonderful. We had a small wedding, but it was great to see old friends and our family finally got to meet. We’ve been together almost 3 years now, but in all fairness our families are all spread-out all over the place.

Exhausted, we got on the plane and flew to Costa Rica. First thing we did the next day was sit by the pool and sip on Piña Coladas and Imperials all day (Costa Rican beer). We learned to surf, hiked Manuel Antonio Nat’l Park , and zip-lined 400 ft above pristine rain forest. It’s such a beautiful country. Did you know that Costa Rica is going to be the first carbon neutral country by 2021? Impressive! Here are a couple more pics – that’s me doing a headstand while surfing for the first time (yeah right):

The food at Gaia and elsewhere was tremendous. Had some of the best seafood of my life. Even the steak was amazing and I’m from KANSAS CITY! Ahhh I miss Costa Rica a ton. Can’t wait to go back.

Alright let’s get to business. I want to offer a QPON in honor of the amazing country of Costa Rica. Let’s knock 6 bucks off of your repair, just email me the QPON “PURA VIDA” (pure life) and your order confirmation to mick@iresq.com and I’ll apply the discount for you. As always the QPON is NOT APPLICABLE TO DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES – only repairs!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Until next time…

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