Apps to help you live a more healthy life (Part 1)

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What good is a great promotion if it took a herniated disc to get there? All too often, people in the business world find themselves sacrificing a healthy and active lifestyle for a chance at career advancement. The fitness goals that seemed so important and attainable in college are suddenly sidelined, and coming home from work means a long nap and a healthy dose of Netflix. Unfortunately, getting ahead in the corporate world these days is more than a 9 to 5 gig. Some people consider themselves lucky if weekends are free. But even in the midst of crazy schedules, it is possible to maintain a sense of equilibrium between the work and health spheres. That sense of balance can be both encouraged and enhanced by certain apps. Here are some of the better examples. Though they cannot do the work of getting you healthy, they can certainly help get the ball rolling:

1. Moves – Activity Tracker: Some people may feel that they are wasting their time when walking to places, but with this app that will never be a concern. Every step you make counts – literally. Paired with the iPhone 5s' motion sensor, the app works to track your forward movement. It doesn't matter what the activity is. Walking, biking, running – all are automatically recognized and go into the program, as it assembles a storyline of your life's movement progress (unfortunately, keystrokes at your computer do not appear to count). Regardless of if you're moving up at the company, you'll be able to look to this app for a definitive affirmation of your forward momentum. In addition to the steps it records, the program tracks distance, time and calories burned. The fitness goals that seemed so far out of reach become shockingly easy with Moves, and for the compulsive businessperson who likes to see quantifiable progress, the addiction to movement will set in quickly.

The only problem with the app, as CNET points out, is that it's a battery drainer. In order to avoid the need for an iPhone battery replacement, therefore, there are certain concrete steps that should be followed. If you are using the app on an iPhone 5S, there is a convenient battery saving option that you can enable as the app runs. Unfortunately this option does not exist for users on other iPhone models. But as a general rule of thumb, frequent iPhone users (and when you download Moves, you will be one too) should make a habit of charging their phone at night. That will likely provide all the juice needed for the coming day.

2. Runtastic: As anybody who's begun a fitness program knows, certain exercises quickly become more appealing than others. For the power​ lifter, a dip in the pool can be nightmarish. For the competitive cyclist, taking a Yoga class can seem like a real drag. So for all you people who've identified running as your thing, Runtastic is your app. It works in much the same way as Moves but is more geared toward running. In addition to serving as a monitor of fitness activity, Runtastic offers the ability to actively map out running routes and determine which one is best for you. It also features the capability to network with others, so you can embark on fitness goals with friends and monitor each other's progress. If you're the kind of person who likes to get cheered on, the app even has a built-in cheering function wherein friends can monitor your run and send cheers. Just don't get too caught up in the app when you're actually running, or you may find yourself jogging straight to a cell phone repair shop.

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