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Personal Information
Name: Mick Myers
Nickname: The Mick, The 'ol Dirty Mick, Poopsie the Crimson Fist, DJ White Zinfandel, "Mike"
Department: Sales
Hobbies: Playing the drums, Collecting music, DJing/selecting music, Reading, Enjoying wonderful foods and beverages, Watching movies, Bowling, Xboxing/Wii-ing, Getting tattoos, Wearing Chiefs Zubaz.
Favorite Movies: Star Wars episodes IV-VI (unedited), The Deer Hunter, Clash of the Titans, Borat, Goodfellas, The Godfather I & II, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Sexy Beast, Troll 2, The Big Lebowski, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Heat, Pulp Fiction, American Hardcore.
Favorite TV Shows: Ali G, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 6 ft Under, Dr. Danger, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Survivorman, Chiefs world championship football, Kansas Jayhawks world championship basketball and football, Royals world championship baseball, Entourage, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Real Time w/Bill Maher.
Favorite Music: Neil Young, I D A H O, Nirvana, Boards of Canada, Thelonious Monk, Blonde Redhead, Broadcast, Waylon and Willie, Minor Threat, Journey, Dance Raja Dance, Air, Codeine, The Clash, M.I.A., Zoom, Wu Tang, Unsane, Shellac, Rex, Grizzly Bear, Geto Boys, Low, Lilys, EPMD (could go on forever..)
Favorite Books: The Stand, Tortilla Flats, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Empire Falls, Dark Tower Series.
Favorite Quotes: "To be the man, you gotta BEAT the man"
- the Nature Boy Ric Flair circa 1986
Contact Information
Email: mick@iresq.com
Websites: www.iresq.com, http://www.myspace.com/inthepines

About Mick:

Mick is but a simple man in the world - He play drums in a couple of bands, one that is very mellow indie/americana and one that is very heavy rock. Mick DJs at dive bars and art openings sometimes - it's fun. He also loves hanging out with his fabulous girlfriend (she made him say that) and dog, Dub. Lately Mick's been obsessed with bowling. He just joined a league with some friends and shot his average up from 120 to 171 in a span of just a few weeks! Basically, Mick worships the movie 'The Big Lebowski' and bowls all the time now. He is a big Chiefs/Royals/KU fan as you probably read above. He is hopelessly addicted to fantasy football as well.

Let's see, what else - this is starting to read like a personals ad... Mick has been an Apple-lover for 10 years now. He adores his Blackbook and loves his iPhone and more than anything in his life, living or otherwise. That's bad, he knows. So, yeah, that all pretty much sums him up in a nutshell. Have a wonderful day.

From the President:

Oh boy, what can I say about Mick. He's a "colorful" guy and a crafty veteran. Mick has been manning the sales department with our sales team coming up on two years now and he's been through the tremendous growth we've experienced at iResQ. It's hard to rattle this guy!

He's a diehard football fan which is good to have around- the guy can pick a game with near perfect accuracy. Need a tip on the next Chiefs/Broncos game? Just call Mick!

Mick is a great asset to our company and being Apple Sales Certified he's got the "feel" for Apple products and iResQ blood flowing through his veins. Be sure to ask for Mick the next time you call in, you can recognize him by his red beard! Ha! Thank you Mick for the hard work man (nicely done), see you at the water cooler!

Best, Ryan.

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