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Meet the Staff

Personal Information
Name: Eric Kautzi
Nickname: Seabass
Department: Portables
Hobbies: Playing music, film making
Favorite Movie: Rushmore, Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Show with Bob and David, Scrubs
Favorite Music: Elvis Costello, Sufjan Stevens, Beck
Favorite Books: The Great Divorce
Favorite Quotes: "I'm just here to regulate funkiness."
-James Gandolfini, The Mexican
Contact Information
Email: eric@iresq.com
Websites: www.iresq.com

About Eric:

Eric is in his second year as a portables technician with iResQ. He has been using Apple computers for years in his video production work, logging countless hours on editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. Having a profound interest and investment in the arts, and a degree in Film from the University of Kansas, he spends time outside of the Q writing and playing music and producing freelance video work. He is currently collaborating on a feature-length silent film, shooting video and composing the score, to be exhibited late this year. Eric also recently completed all requirements to become an Apple Certified Portables Technician.

From the President:

You want Eric working on your Portable Mac! As an Apple Certified Technician, Eric has proven time and again that he can work intelligently as well as efficiently. His RMA return rate is very low, and he LOVES working for iResQ. (Right Eric? Or is it Mr. Seabass?)

Thanks a million for your efforts, and I reward you with this page in your tribute as iResQ's FIRST Featured Employee of the Month! Sincerely, Ryan.

Meet The Staff!

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