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Meet the Staff

Personal Information
Name: Dylan Nelson
Nickname: Nelson
Department: Sales
Hobbies: Guitar, skateboarding, tattoos, Jesus
Favorite Movie: 28 Days Later, True Grit, Heima, End Game
Favorite TV Show: Bonanza
Favorite Music: Social Distortion, Ryan Adams, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, etc.
Favorite Books: Bible
Favorite Quotes: "People will believe anything they read on the internet"
- Thomas Jefferson (1776)
Contact Information
Email: dylan@iresq.com
Websites: www.iresq.com

About Dylan:

An artist in every sense of the word, Dylan adds yet another layer of musical depth to the crew here at iResQ. A lifelong guitar player, Dylan is currently playing in a band called "Mothership" with Ryan Carr, our shipper. Both hailing from the great state of Arizona, they never fail to show us the ways of the western frontier. It is a pleasure to work with Dylan. Always punctual and always willing to go the extra mile for our great customers, Dylan continues to strive for excellence. Heck, the class act that he is, Dylan took the time to bring back a gigantic sack of scorpion suckers from his last trip to Arizona for everyone here to enjoy (I have yet to muster the courage to eat mine). If you ever find yourselves in Kansas City in the future when they are ready to play out, be sure to look up "Mothership". You will be in for a treat.

Meet The Staff!

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