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Arizona iPod, iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro Service & Parts

For citizens of the sunny state of Arizona who love your Mac and Apple electronic devices, let iResQ make an impression on you as deep as the Grand Canyon with our handheld, laptop and desktop repairs designed for folks who live far from other electronic repair facilities. From Phoenix and Scottsdale to Tempe, Sun City and Peoria, iResQ can repair your trusted iPod, iPhone, or iPad handheld device as well as Mac laptops and desktops, then get them back to you safe and sound for more years of enjoyable usage. Did we mention we repair Sony PSPs as well?

iResQ is an Apple and Mac repair facility located near Kansas City, Kansas. We use state-of-the-art shipping containers and FedEx and UPS shipping services to pick-up and deliver your damaged handheld or laptop/desktop to our facilities, where we then repair it and send it back to you as quickly as possible – normally in less than one week’s time. Since 95% of our business comes from mail-delivery clients all across America, we know how to handle getting your beloved tech tool to our HQ, then back to you ASAP. From iPods, iPads and iPhones to MacBook Pros and even Mac desktops, we’re in the business of repairing your trusted electronics equipment so you don’t have to buy another or lose all your valuable stored information.

Contact iResQ today to get started on the road to a better handheld device, repaired and improved for your user pleasure. Or check out our Testimonials page first to see what our many, many satisfied customers have to say about our exceptional services. We’re waiting to hear from you, and you won’t be waiting long to hear from us!