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Apple iPhone 4S Screen Repair and Replacement

iPhone 4S With Siri So as a new iPhone 4S customer you’re very happy with the new phone’s systems, speed and capabilities. You’re even enjoying conversations with Siri as you drive to work each morning – placing your 4S on the dashboard you pretend you’re David Hasselhoff talking to KITT as you motor to work – and hoping that no one is watching you as you do it!

But what happens when you accidentally drop your new iPhone 4S as you get out of the car one morning, cracking the glass/digitizer screen that covers your beautiful handheld technology? Or what if the glass screen doesn’t crack, but the abrasive encounter with the concrete scratches the screen so that the readout is barely discernible?

The good news is, iResQ is here to fix your Apple iPhone 4S – good as new. The great news is, we can fix it for you regardless of where you live in the United States – small town, big city; East Coast, West Coast or anywhere in between! iResQ offers Apple iPhone 4S screen repair and replacement services to get your smart phone back on track, sometimes in less than one week.

So don’t worry, you and Siri can keep your morning conversations going no problem. Just watch how you exit your automobile next time, eh?

AT&T iPhone 4S Service

Data Plans – 200MB for $15 per month; 2GB for $25 per month; 4GB for $45 per month. GSM technology is in-theory much faster than Verizon and Sprint’s alternatives. Simultaneous voice and data service.

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